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UMass Boston students: Land an internship, get a great job and launch a rewarding career in a fast growing tech company.

Land a pivotal internship.

There are hundreds of fast-growing companies in the Boston area to explore. They may not yet be well known brand names but they are creating the future of their industries. Not only are they doing super cool things, but they are hiring now, for many different roles. 

At a fast growing company:
* You’ll have more responsibility.
* You’ll be given more opportunities.
* You’ll be able to do a lot of different things.


Explore fast-growing companies

Find fast-growing tech companies of interest:



Search for 5 to 10 potential internships to apply to. Review the internship description and company and then create tailored resumes and cover letters designed specifically for each internship. Get ready for the telephone and on-site interview. For help about the kind of role you are suited for and how to prepare for the interview, connect with UMass Boston StEP on LinkedIn and reach out with your questions.

Gaby’s story

Gabriela Veloz (UMass Boston ’14): “I was promoted to a leadership role just months after joining the company.”

Gaby was unsure what do with her passion for international management until she discovered fast-growing tech companies. An internship at one company led to a job at another.

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