We offer one-to-one mentorship that helps you land an internship, get a great job and launch a rewarding career.

Landing a pivotal internship is hard if you try by yourself.

StEP will be by your side. It is a program of mentorship, scholarships and workshops offered by the UMass Boston Venture Development Center to entrepreneurial students interested in careers in fast-growing companies. We’ll guide you towards the best companies and roles for your long-term success.

There are hundreds of fast-growing companies in the Boston area to explore. They may not yet be well known brand names but they are creating the future of their industries. Not only are they doing super cool things, but they are hiring now, for many different roles. 


StEP mentors can help, so get in touch

A StEP mentor will help you land an internship and then a job that’s right for you. The mentors are rising professionals at fast growing companies who are excited to share their experiences.

Mentorship can elevate the stresses and anxieties of going through the application and interview process. Also, you can get genuine answers from people who are working every day in the field you are pursuing. This will prepare you for what to expect in your career.

Gaby’s story

Gabriela Veloz (UMass Boston ’14): “I was promoted to a leadership role just months after joining the company.”

Gaby was unsure what do with her passion for international management until she attended a StEP workshop. An internship at one company led to a job at another.

Explore fast-growing companies

At a fast growing company:
* You’ll have more responsibility.
* You’ll be given more opportunities.
* You’ll be able to do a lot of different things.

Check-out some of the companies offering internships to UMass Boston students participating in StEP.


Meet the mentors

How do you find the best companies and roles for your long-term success? Meet the mentors and learn how they will engage with you. StEP also offers financial scholarships to students passionate about an entrepreneurial career. Recipients are mentored directly by StEP founder and serial entrepreneur Dan Phillips.


Apply to participate in StEP.

Get paired with mentors with similar backgrounds and interests who will guide you every step of the way.

Have questions before you apply? Then contact our Student Ambassador, Brooke Haley.


Venture Development Center
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd.,
Boston, MA 02125-3393

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