The uncertainties that college students face are limitless, whether it is their academic life, personal relationships, or work. Sometimes we just have to trust that it will work out. The coronavirus heightened and transformed our fears into reality. The graduating class of 2020 is entering an unpredictable job market with a possibility of remaining remote.

Although this is not my graduation year, my educational journey has evolved into an unfamiliar path no one has walked before due to the pandemic and current events. In times of uncertainty on where to go, I have my mentors to guide me. And in times of financial need, I demonstrated my readiness and willingness to learn that resulted in being awarded the Entrepreneur Scholarship. But most importantly in one of the worst job markets we have seen since the market last crash I have secured a full-time summer internship in marketing. My name is Brooke Haley and I am a rising junior at UMass Boston and StEP has shown me what can result in persistence, hard work, and dedication over time.

In a time of mayhem our mentors stepped up, they have been the guiding hand our students so desperately need. Through StEP UMass Boston students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in obtaining an internship in fast growing tech companies. Students are paired with mentors who are in their desired field and work towards building their resume with internships and obtain a full-time job upon graduation.

Our new screening process, marketing initiatives, and engagement with enrolled students have equipped the program with highly motivated students who want to utilize the success of their mentors for professional growth. Overall the program has had 74 students, 30 internships, 11 full-time jobs and 7 scholarships to assist in UMass Boston students. Through the program students in 2020 have built their resumes with internships at startups in the Boston area, resulting in 17 internships and 3 have secured full-time jobs before they graduated!

In addition to the mentorship, StEP offers a scholarship to participating students who demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit and are in need of financial assistance. This year four-star students were awarded the scholarship, Ashley Lemus Electrical Engineering 2022, Adil Fernandes Management 2020, Andrew Miller Management 2021 and Brooke Haley Management 2022. We wish them the best in their future endeavors and we can’t wait to see where they go!

Whether you are seeking career advice or a second opinion on your cover letter StEP mentors and staff are there to guide you along the way! Especially in times of need and uncertainty.

StEP aims to foster each student’s capabilities and guide them toward their personal goals.Mentorship during college and the beginnings of your career set the foreground for the rest of your professional experience and what a better way to start than on the right foot.