The Entrepreneur Scholarship

This scholarship is meant to encourage students who are passionate about building their career in the startup ecosystem of Massachusetts. The program is open to sophomores and beyond from any major who have a desire to work for a venture capital backed startup, and potentially start their own company someday. In addition to a scholarship, the program includes a mentorship opportunity with Dan Phillips. Dan has been an executive in five venture capital backed startups and is an advisor in the UMass Boston Venture Development Center. Dan will meet with the winner(s) on a regular basis to offer mentorship and assist the student in acquiring the skills necessary to launch their careers. Additionally, if mutually agreeable, Dan will assist the student with finding a suitable internship through his many industry connections.

To be considered for the award students must be interested in the scholarship and mentorship opportunity as listed above and meet the following criteria:
– Be Passionate about an entrepreneurial career
– Have a cumulative GPA of a 2.75 or above
– Be a Sophomore, Junior or Senior (who have completed 24 or more credits) in an undergraduate degree program
– Be currently working and utilizing loans or other financial aid towards their cost of attendance.
– There is a preference for students who are the first in their family to attend college
– Must be available for an in person interview by the Scholarship Committee*
*All finalists for this scholarship will be invited to meet with a Scholarship Committee to review their applications.

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