Boston is essentially a large incubator for startups. Understand just how big and accessible our innovative community is and how you can take advantage as a UMass Boston student.

Success relies on your own utilization of resources to finally take that step towards furthering your professional career. Boston offers endless channels for students in the Boston metro area to build their skill set and expand their networks that will support their careers for years to come.

Boston is incredibly different than anywhere in the nation…

Being located in the Boston area is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of, considering the amount of start-ups and growing job market. Programs at UMass Boston enable students to get connected and stay connected in the tech start-up community.

Such as StEP, that connects current UMass Boston students with mentors who are every-day working professionals in tech industry to guide them in best practices and acquire internships! Contact to learn more about the program or visit our website.