What is StEP, how does a current UMB student get started and how does it impact a student?

What is the program?

The StEP program was founded by Dan Phillips who has been a technology executive for a 30+ year period. The mentor program pairs current UMass Boston students with individuals who are currently working in a startup or technology focused company. With the mentors help the participating student in the program acquires skills necessary to obtain an internship and start a career in startups and/or technology growth companies.

Getting Started:

Current UMass Boston students who are self-starters, innovative, articulate and seeking a hands-on opportunity are encouraged to inquire and apply. Specifically, those interested in sales, marketing, software development and data analytics. Send us an email to learn more or make an appointment with StEP Ambassador – step@umb.edu.

The Process

Current UMass Boston students who are interested should visit StEP web site – https://www.umb.edu/vdc/step – for more information on criteria and the application process. If selected, the student is paired with a mentor to find opportunities, do mock interviews, build resume skills, apply for desired positions, etc. Mentorship continues through the graduation and first job

Impact on Students:

Mentorship from industry professionals assists   students in acquiring skills necessary to succeed in a fast-paced environment, answers   any questions, encourages critical thinking, builds confidence and provides career guidance. Working within a startup or tech growth company provides the ability to learn and have influence over one’s role, increases an individual’s skill set and provides a unique learning experience